Conserving Water

Water is a natural resource you can save water.In the future there could be no clean water,and you could get sick and die. First visualize how to save water.How to not waste water,if you waste there will be no water left.The next thing  you need to start saving water than usual. Don’t drink bottle water all the time because it is expensive. Finally,also you can start using less by playing  in the water when your parents are watering the yard.Also many gallons could be wasted .If we don’t save water people will start dieing.


The Best Gift

On November16 it was my dads birthday we went over to his house. W e sang happy birthday to him,after that we ate cake and opend  prensents.Finally he opend my prentsent that  I got him he loved it. He said that was the best gift he ever gotten.

Row your site

A  squral  monkey  lives in a group band.A band can go to 12 to 100 monkeys.They are like squrals but monkeys.They are endangered by loss of habitat.There predators are eagles,porcupines and baboons.There weight is 2 to 3 pounds

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All about Kelsi!

Hello my name is Kelsi.I was born October 9,2002 on a fall day.I lived in a small town of  White Oak.When I was about 5 when my parents got a divores.It was hard and difucult. I have two sisters.Their names are Bella and Mikala .Mikala is my big sister and Bella is my little sister who is 3.I only get to see my dad on Wenday’s.I have alot of fun when I spen time with my dad.We watch movies together,and we go eat at Gennis Grill.I am really good at softball.My teams name is TnT Dynamite and my #4.I play third base.I hope to go to collage and someday be a docter. I think I could help people and make alot of mony.