President Poem

He was born and went to school in Illinois

He was a sports announcer before Presidency

He was the 40th President

Elected in 1980

Ronald Reagen

He got shot

He married to Jane Wyman

He was married a couple of times

He was a christen and said his prayers nightly

A look back and a look forword

In 2013 there was a lot of good memories.  The best memories of 2013 is my family going to Arkansas to see a million lights.  When we got there the Christmas lights weren’t on!  So,my mom said that we had to stay another night because she doesn’t want to drive in the dark.  The next night we went to see the Christmas lights.  It was a blast, but it was very cold.  the second one is when just my mom and I went to Beavers Bend on spring break.  when we got there we went to the river and while I was crossing the road a truck was coming and they were going fast,and I was on crutches.  But I got out of the road fast enough to not get hit by the car.  Last but not least my mom surprised me with a Ipad mini for my birthday. I asked her if we could go eat and go shopping with my friend Abby.  First we went shopping at the Mall after that went to Cas O La to eat and that is my 2013 memories

My 2014 goal is to stop talking back to my parents and obeying them,also i really need to quit biting my nails



December 7,1941

President Roosevelt named it Pearl Harbor

Even fifteen ships and 188 aircraft was destroyed

A date that we won’t forget

Remembering the day of terror

Loving the U.S for what they did

Hour was at 8:00 when it started

After the attack the Japanese killed 2,402 U.S Navy

Remembering the men and women fighting for our country

Brought to an memorial in Arizona

On December 7,1941 Japan attacked

Remembering Pearl Harbor is important

Explorer Gazette

Henry Hudson

June 1611


Henry Hudson was an explorer.  In 1609 Hudson set off  from the Netherlands with a crew of 20.  As they traveled north the weather got colder and colder,so Henry turned the ship around and sailed southwest towered America.  When winter set the bay froze.  Henry had a long hard winter staying in a log hut.  In June 1611 when the weather warmed Henry set sail without telling the crew.  The crew soon realized that Henry had left.  The crew was wanting to go home. Finally he gt back but the crew was so mad.  I think that the crew killed Henry and his son by putting them on a boat with no oars or anything.  Long after we never heard from Henry Hudson again.



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Should every kid get a trophy

I don’t think every kid should get a trophy because,you should work for it and not let everybody else  do it for you. Also you shouldn’t just get a trophy for cleaning your room or doing chores. You shouldn’t get a trophy for not participation. I think you shouldn’t get a trophy for every thing you do.